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How To Get Free Public Transportation And Discounts When You Visit Barcelona


There is a way for tourists to enjoy the city of Barcelona without spending too much, especially on transportation costs. Visit the city's tourist attractions and try authentic food from selected restaurants at a low cost. This is very possible when you apply for the Barcelona Card.


Barcelona Card is provided for people, especially tourists, to see as much as possible the beauty of Barcelona. This is issued by Barcelona's board of tourism. This tourist card can be used as a transportation pass, shopping discount card and a tourist attraction pass with discount. This can also be used on selected food chains or restaurants and entertainment shows, and get a discount on food and seat, respectively. It is definitely useful, convenient and a money saver when travelling around Barcelona.


The price of the card usually depends on the number of days you will be using it and the person's age. You can choose between two to five days. If you will tag along your kids, the price is certainly lower than the adult price. The longer the days you will be touring, the higher the price. But for the many ways to use it and the discounts you get, it is definitely worth getting the Barcelona card.


You can apply online for the card in advance before landing in Barcelona. Upon your arrival, you can get your card at the front desk and there, you will also receive the city's map and a detailed travel guide to get you anywhere around the city. For the value it offers, many tourists who have used this card were able to enjoy their trip and its benefits. Learn about Gaudi walking tour here!


The Barcelona card benefits are mainly free travel, attraction discounts, and restaurant and entertainment discounts.


Enjoy Barcelona's public transport within the city center for free. There is no need to get in line for a ticket on the Barcelona city tour bus as you already have a free pass. This transport bus will take you to the main tourist attraction in the heart of Barcelona. This can also be used on the metro which is always convenient and less hassle. For more facts and information about the tourism in Barcelona, you can go to http://www.ehow.com/facts_6728055_history-information-travel-agency-business.html.


It is expected that you will have to pay for entrance fees when visiting major attractions of the city. It can sometimes be expensive. But with a Barcelona card, you will be able to enjoy entrance fee discounts, especially in museums. There are also selected attractions where there is no need for you to pay for the fee, if you present your Business Card.


Another benefit is getting discounts on your bill at listed well-known restaurants in Barcelona. The discount you will get is 10%, which is already huge. You must include visiting the city's entertainment shows and music as you will be able to get 20% off your tickets. It's a huge deal, plus you will enjoy the classical opera, theater and musicals. Aside from these, you will also get a discount on Barcelona souvenirs. Your trip would not be complete if you do not buy something made from a foreign city you just visited. Take home a souvenir from Barcelona with a discount price off of 15%.


With your Barcelona Card, including the freebies and discounts, you will certainly have the best vacation trip. 


Barcelona offers a great deal of things for visitors to see and do, and with a Barcelona card you have the freedom to travel as you wish without any more cost. Add to that the discounts and coupons in the guide and you have a fabulous offer that you would be mad to turn down.


That's why most visitors to Barcelona who buy it once, go on to buy the Barcelona Card every time they visit Barcelona on holiday. Learn about Barcelona Card here!